Get a signed copy of AMATEUR HOUR!

Put your money where my local bookstore is

Hello friends and “friends”!

I’m dropping in quickly to ask you one very important question—do you want a signed copy of AMATEUR HOUR to give as a gift this nightmare holiday season? If you're local (Vermont) and already have copies, message me directly for signing.

If you are "from away" my local bookstore Phoenix Books is shipping signed copies straight to you! Please please please support my (and your) local independent booksellers, especially this time of year!

The particulars:
• Shipping one copy is $5; shipping 2 or more copies to the same address is free!
• Use their online store at  and leave a comment in the message field for the inscription or call 802-448-3350 and do it over the phone.
• DEADLINE IS 12/15 FOR ORDERS—that’s one week from today!
• If you think I won’t sign a book with something like “Hello! Go fuck yourself!” or “Your husband is genuinely trying” or “What the shit do I know?” then you are sadly mistaken.

Give the gift of obscenity and emotional instability this Christmas! 'Tis the friggin season, people.

Photo credit: Luke Awtry Photography

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