Mother's Day is May 12th

(Ahem, one month from today)

Hello friends and “friends”—

I’m dropping in very quickly to let you know Mother’s Day is exactly one month from today. I KNOW. (Did I just hear you hiss “Shit!”? I know you did.) But it’s okay because someone you and I both know wrote a book that would make a perfect Mother’s Day gift!* In fact it came out last year just in time for Mother’s Day so there’s your proof! It includes this piece that appeared in The New Yorker and this other piece that was excerpted in The New York Times. Who could that person possibly be?? Oh it’s me, hi!

Because local booksellers are the best booksellers, Phoenix Books here in Burlington, Vermont has set me up with my own page for Mother’s Day gift giving of that very book, AMATEUR HOUR: MOTHERHOOD IN ESSAYS AND SWEAR WORDS! You can order your 23 copies right here and have them inscribed with something personal-ish. Any requests to “Sign it the funny way David Sedaris signs his books!” will result in me setting your book on fire and mailing your mom the ashes with postage due. You can also indicate “please include swears” because honey I have been down this path before and I will do it.

You can also order by Ye Olde Telephone-o by calling my friends at Phoenix Books at 802-448-3350. Shipping is just 5 bucks but if you spend $30 or more shipping is FREE! So get to it, you are officially out of excuses. Also: does anyone know when an author is supposed to stop promoting her book? Because it feels like this could maybe go on forever?

*Honestly? Only get this book for someone who can hang with swearing. Even I think it’s too much swearing at this point but turns out print books are permanent LOL. And yes, people actually do complain about all the swearing even given the very obvious subtitle. Hello, civilization is almost over, move on everyone.

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